Monday, March 15, 2010

Magpie Tales: Draining Out of Life

Creeps in veins
And retrieves
Those hearts as they beat
They drain out of life

Hollow silhouettes
Crossing the light of the sun
As they pass
A thousand thoughts
A thousand feelings
A thousand words
Reduced into one
Muffled screams
Silenced by fear
So turn a deaf ear
And don't say a thing

Feel the innards of your soul
Crumbling down
And you try to hide
You are dead inside
Going through life
But not living it
A ghost you've become

And in those shades
I perpetually wait
For the voids
To be reassumed 
For the dead
To be exhumed

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  1. Wow! "the innards of your soul"
    Powerful stuff, this.

  2. I'm going to share this with a friend. What a fantastic poem! I love the message in it.

  3. first time here, great work...

    much love

  4. for the dead to be exhumed...powerful poem....great magpie!

  5. That was so incredibly beautiful Maha. You never fail to amaze me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts-I think I can feel my heart beating faster at your words.

  6. Until now, I didn't know my soul had innards but, it feels so right.

  7. I loved that Maha....I felt the words the same way when I saw that image, like a clenched and pained fist....

  8. That ending tolls like a funeral bell.

  9. I have an award for you over at my blog come check it out. Later.

  10. Inhuming silence and exhuming words....freeing the weightlessness of our being through the biology of our emotions.
    Life asks us to deal with it hoping at the end we grow in its wisdom.

  11. Exhumed and assumed are very onomatopaeic (sp?) like a great tolling bell
    Like the little rhymes thrown in

  12. Just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a creative blogger award - 'cause I think you're awesome! Drop by any time and pick it up.

  13. My first time here and I enjoy reading your blog, great work :)

    Much love x.x.x

  14. Amazing. touching me deeply, gonna share that with a friend here, if you dont mind

  15. Soul stirring! darkness!

  16. Please forgive my tardiness...I have been on two trips and my son was just married...Delighted to be able to return the magpie visit and to read your work!
    Such a grand mix...of that which leaves us...that which enters us. For there is so much more isn't there? I loved the way you took us through the path....
    One of the best pieces I have had the chance to read!

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