Sunday, March 14, 2010

In Love With the Enemy

In his innocent blue eyes, I saw the fires of love igniting with every color.
In my depth, I loved him too. But what I loved more, was how when I’d tortured him, he came back asking for more. How when I’d broken my promises one time after the other, he never doubted. How when I’d told him I’d be back, he waited. How he’d held on to my cryptic, twisted words and always believed.
 The woman in me longed to be with him, within him, longed to be weak needing protection. But then I remembered how I burnt for freedom and swore not to ever let any thing bereave me from it, not even love. And I hated myself for loving him. He had to always want me, and never have me.
Now, as I watch from my window the trees coated in white, until the glistening sun shall let the roses blossom but later burn them by its heat waiting for the wind to escort them to other places and eventually they’d be coated in white again, it’s my turn to wait.


  1. The affairs of the heart can never be dictated too......:-) Hugs

  2. Nice , ya Love has no boundaries its eternal ..n have only one language to communicate i.e Love..

    Nice Maha ...

  3. the sun to burn them and the wind to carry them this...

  4. WAITING... maybe the wind may carry it away. Love is uncondiotinal and shouldnt be a dance of distance. Game and torture. Still powerful words

  5. WOW girl!
    I love your blog!!!
    You write so very well...Love it yes I do

    Thanks for your visit and comment!


  6. your phrases toy with your readers just as you have toyed with your love...
    caressing and stinging.
    nicely done :)

  7. Oh, no, it's totally not about me. The narrator in here is inspired by a fictional character that just totally touched me and I wanted to present her with my own words. I used the first person narrator because I thought it'd be more powerful than just 'she'. After all, I'm too young to go through all these life-changing, powerful emotions.

  8. Thought-provoking and beautiful - the innocence and fire of youth.

  9. I'm so glad it was not about you. Very well captured emotion though.

  10. Wow you write really beautifully.

    Although I agree with Paula about love should not be a game and torture unfortunately live can draw peoples desires in different directions, mp in people jump in when they don't really know what they wan. On the other side of the coin when we love someone will want to believe the very best in them, we don't want to admit the painful truth they have mistreated us and hope that they will see the error in their ways and come back to us.

    What you have written reflects life very well. You have great insight into people.

  11. This is a burn at both ends, a dripping candle that lands right in my lap, at the center of things, of the moment.

  12. Whoa.. this was like brook flowing out the heart.. Straight from the heart!