Monday, March 29, 2010


With an act of sheer impulsiveness, she shoved the notebook inside her ragged pockets, rummaged the mess on the coffee table till she found a black pen and entered her room. She closed the door pushing it slightly forward with one hand to muffle the sound; something habitual.
The stark white of pages agitated her; she hated white, she hated blankness. She would scatter meaningless words that had the least connection, words that flitted through her mind with the speed of rockets burning in it, soon to be sat free. She gave birth to them, on those stark white pages that were now ink-stained.
The light of the sun coated everything around her, but she didn’t care. She d didn’t get up to draw the curtains of her tarnished window at the far of the room. She was breaking rules, feeling freedom blazing in her veins, mountains of ice melting, drenching her mind with a flood of words. She was rebelling on the facts, turning a blind eye to life. She was not empty again. She shut the door to reality. She was not restrained by meaning, by sense. She didn’t know where that would take her, moreover she didn’t care. She was living inside these moments, not floating on the ebbs and tides of time, giving in to gravity, letting herself willingly drown deep into it. She was not in a labyrinth. She was not miserable. She was not alone. She was not crying. She was not lamenting her bad luck. She was not waiting. She was not screaming. She was here. She was now. She was invincible.

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  1. Yes, writing can do that to one can't it?
    "She was here. She was now. She was invincible."

  2. writing perfectly discribed, like your snakeman award

  3. This truly did feel invincible. Its possible to seem one thing when really, you're not. I'm so impressed with this piece, mainly because of the tenor of, well, determination. Like the world couldn't possibly take her down. Incredible job Maha!

  4. What the hell..!I LOVE IT! i perfectly described what happens when i get bewitched to write! perfectly beautiful ya Maha! keep writing girl.,.i m really impressed with your style and talent! too good..:)

  5. This really speaks to me...I know what it is to hate the white page, myself...

    Great piece. :)

  6. This reminds me of one I know so near myself... maybe me?

    Well written.. great, in fact!

  7. I saw Muse at Wembley 2007, where some 80.000 sang Invincible with the band. It was a feeling that I cannot describe. The end in your posting gave me that same feeling again. Thank you, Maha! :)

  8. RA, while writing this piece, I was actually listening to Muse. In fact, I listen to their songs all the time; their songs are different from anything I ever heard, their lyrics come from another world, and Matthew's voice is beautiful beyond what normal words can describe. And i'm truly jealous of you! I saw some parts of that concert on YouTube, it was PERFECT! To tell me that one of my writings gave you the same feeling as a Muse song was really flattering!

  9. Maha, I read this and then I read the about me section on the side. This freedom, this writing, this exaltation... this is your destiny. Do you know that? I thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece. It was like coming alive.


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