Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Laugh Today, Then Cry Forever

   Hold on to me love. We only have decaying beliefs adhering us to hypothetical realities. and if love fails us, who are we to win? And if time bounds us, what will we do but watch our lives crumble down?          
 Ambivalent, you fling me into your arms. Ambiguous, you chant your lullabies. You dared night to silence you, and you always failed.
  It is time for me to go. I take leave and head for him. He smiles his usual cold smile but a broken tooth in his mouth repels me. I run back to you.

Through the fog, I heard you singing. they'd always think you were singing of death and they'd always be wrong, you were singing of us.

Take my hand now and let's elope. Here is not our place. Today is not our time.


  1. If I ever want to make this work,
    we would seriously need to elope.
    I so much relate to that piece.

  2. This was a great post. Nice ending.

  3. So deep..yet so transparent. This scene of indecision is played sometimes over and over.

    Run away together. Yes, I suppose everyone has had that fantasy, some many times over!

    You write FAR beyond your years--whatever THAT means! (It means you are GoooooD!)

  4. enchanting... reminds me of some characters in a book I read last summer

    Always clever and great to read your words!

  5. "our hypothetical realities." oh, yes. But isn't all of life a dream? With me it's...Laugh Today, Then Cry Awhile, Then Laugh Again.
    Your words are beautiful.

  6. This was very haunting. Especially since I just read a post about spiders....

    LoL It was great though.

  7. Joy and sorrow are inseparable...together they come, and when one sits alone with you...remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.

    -- Kahlil Gibran

    I loved your poem --thought provoking. I like Kay's comment about a summer read and some characters in a book.
    I never thought about eloping when I was younger seemed too complicated and I love a beautiful wedding - now as my older self -- an incurable romantic that I am -- would be open to going away with my partner to some rendezvous and getting married. Keep writing you are brilliant.

  8. excellent writing,
    in reality, I do know that there are lovers who elope...
    you have hit the right button in the end, which is cool.
    Happy Thursday!

  9. Mmmm... I could eat your words. Very very good!

  10. OMG! You are only age 15...I thought you were at LEAST 16.......

    .......going on 30--grin!

    Sorry for double-dip, just got back on here in error. Well, maybe NOT error, who would ever know? Anyhow, you sure can write good for your age--or ANY age.

  11. You are at once an artist, a writer, a poet, a dreamer, a human and a philosopher...all this I find suffused and weaved into your lyrical words. You continue to amaze, Maha.

  12. Alluring and divine with all the metaphysical qualities of love and longing.

  13. "You dared night to silence you, and you always failed."

    Great words you write...

    You made my mind imagine the scenario...

    And wow! you are so young! I truly believe you are very gifted if you allow me to say that.

    Keep on writing as transparent and fantastic and real as you do. You amuse us all!

  14. maha, this is beautiful, the content of which so many of us can related to! what is it in our nature that won't accept what we have but finds us forever yearning for something else, something 'more'. you have breathed life into this subject and i applaud you for your skill, your expertise!

  15. I really enjoyed reading this.