Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Expanding Universes

And they baffle me still, those questions....
  Couldn't colors be variables instead of rigid facts? And what proves that my black is your black? I know that to all of us, black is the same thing, but what if it was not a color altogether, what if it was a visual feeling we simply recognize as "black"?
   It runs in my blood to turn things within my head and question. Time was proved to be a fourth dimension and not an inevatible tormentor. Age is defined by time which is defined by our place in the space, for if you had a twin who traveled for one light year on a spaceship which goes with the speed of light, he would be only a year older by the time he came back to Earth whilst you would be eighteen years older....or so I read. And though that sort of ships has yet to be invented, I went o one and conquered Time. But when I came back to Earth, everything was so aliented to me. Again, Time proved to the greater.
        Words are different from other Arts; unlike them, they have a comprehensible language and, all the other Arts translate feelings through feelings, whilst words go a bit deeper than that, just a little bit, for they all meet at that point of never literally translating feelings, yet, convince you they did. Words circle around feelinsgs, yet never quite touch them, and all what you feel while reading, is only what lies between the words. And still I wonder, when was those abstract lines given this huge power? How did language come to be?


  1. wow it is so wierd I have always wondered the same. how do we know we all see the same as all other people

  2. The first paragraph made me really think-I mean, what if everything was just colorless and we just thought we saw color?

    Great post Maha-as always, you astound. :)

  3. and yes weather my "blue" is your "green"

  4. language has such power...much like your colors these words may mean to me something vastly different from you stirring emotions that are light years from wher they came...but you sure know how to use them...

  5. This was astounding. I have so many questions running through my mind after reading this. It is true that words are language but the feeling we get from them is not what is said, but what is read between them. The creation of language is an interesting thought, because we still communicated before it. Somehow we still understood one another.

  6. This is true of so many things Maha! Your mind is truly a maze of wonderment. I love to read into your thoughts, it's intriguing & some of what you have written here resonates with some of my own thinking.
    Words, vision, emotion, feelings & pain are in my opinion all individualistic. Even if we are all seeing & hearing the same thing at the same time we are all going to experience it differently because that is the human condition. Our histories, our upbringing, our experiences in this life etc all contribute to how we interpret events in life. We can not feel another persons pain or emotion, we can only imagine what they feel by using our own personal experiences & beliefs as a guide. But is that really what 'THEY' feel???

  7. "Words circle around feelings, yet never quite touch them, and all what you feel while reading, is only what lies between the words."....or the emotion I have uniquely applied to those words...just as each individual applies emotions specific to their experience in the world. Great job, Maha.

  8. you'll find the answers within the numbers...

    mind-bending/twisting today, love it!

  9. There are many questions in life for which there are no answers.
    We may look at colours and see the same shade, then again we may not for there is no way of knowing...the colours have just been given a name.
    Colour is a complicated concept,
    it deals with photons in the nano-metre range of the electro magnetic spectrum. At the lower end beyond red the wave length is larger and we cannot see it as it is known as infrared...at the shorter end beyond violet we have ultra-violet which our eyes cannot detect although some insects such as bees can see into the ultra-violet spectrum.
    Colour is determined by the kones and pigments in our eyes which can detect light in the visible spectrum giving objects their colour, that is why we may not see colours in the same way.
    I think also with the written words just like your prose and my poems there is much to be read between the lines, things not spoken but intimated and what people perceive from the written word is relative to their personal experiences and emotions.
    Great thought provoking post dear Maya. xoxo ♡

  10. Beautiful, poignant writing, Maha. When we doubt, soon we find that entire existence can be cast into uncertainty and half-truth...it is indeed the task of the philosopher. And after all, writers are philosophers who find meaning in words. But language is itself a philosophical conundrum. It truly is deeply profound, and I find great joy in exploring your marvellous thoughts.

  11. Huge power they have yes.

    And each book or line or poem, each color each smell is a new one since it's read felt and sensed by a different mind, , eye, nose.

    I believe we are all that similar but especially all that different...


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  13. All wonderful questions that all wise people at one time or another have asked.

    Bless you, dear Maha!

  14. This was brilliant, Maha. I have always wondered about time and space manipulation. The idea itself sounds so weird. I wonder how it would all work out once our civilization is advanced enough to learn it.

    Great post...:)

  15. Intriguing.
    Color without color.
    Is it the seeing?
    Is it the perception?
    Or is the repetitive acclamation of it is what it is.
    Color blindness...
    The piece rolls all the inquires into an artistic venue. Indeed an expanding one :)

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    Would love to see you.

  16. Maha, thanks always for stopping by. Your mind is like a labyrinth of deep wonderment. The first paragraph really leaves one to ponder and wanting to read more. Is there colour in language and vice versa, each bearing a different interpretation in the eye of man. Very nice.