Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Theme Thursday: Dystopia (Empty Boxes)

Come, smell the last scents of life as they are wrung out of my body. Taste it, devoid of feeling. Watch me, as I wriggle on the yellow soil, begging you to help. But you are too deaf to hear my strangled screams. You are like them; in chains. We used to be so free.

The rifts between our one entity widen. We are a million, bereft of immortality as they steal our voices. Blind as bats as the ferocious tigers usher us to our desolate graves,at the far end of humanity. Are you happy now? I’m sure you do not understand. We used to be so free.

You would not teach me how to sing, I’d sing my own melody. You’d not empty me and make my soul filled to the brim with you, I was immune.  You would not blind me like the others, my eyes were always wide opened. But now, I’m tired of fighting. My soul loses its power and is bends on one knee. My heart refuses to go on. My lungs are closing in. My mournful soul is withering. My sullen face is apathetic. My love is abolished. We used to be so free.

Now, I capitulate my vanity to you. In silence, I watch the single light ray slitting through the age of darkness; not contagious like in the past times, always alone. In silence, I lash myself for halting and not following it till the end of time. In silence, I reminisce the times when we used to be so free. Free of sin. Free of chains. Free of ourselves. Free……..

Free of memories.

Empty boxes.

Are you happy now?

Wash me away
Clean your body of me
Erase all the memories
They will only bring us pain
And I've seen, all I'll ever need
Citizen Erased-Muse

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  1. Love it Maha .. I love how you describe your feelings .. It's so artistic .. so easy to read as well .. You have so much harmony in you mashaa ALLAH ..

    Please keep it up!

  2. "My soul lost its power and is bending on one knee." So powerfully said. This piece speaks of great loss.

  3. IT is a very thought provoking piece indeed and beautifully expressed!

  4. Yes.The Feelings Come from Way Inside.
    Yes, as was said above, Powerful.
    Regards+ Best Wishes.

  5. '...not contagious like in the past times, always alone'
    This is a really lovely piece of writing. Morbid, maybe but emotive and vivid.

  6. empty boxes are so sad though...all exterior with nothing inside... fill them...until they run over. great flow and emotion...

  7. I am with Brian on this empty box...well, it is just sad and SO VERY LACKING...

  8. So much passion and pain in this!

  9. I love the third stanza/paragraph. Its first lines describe a wonderful independence. Sad to end up with empty boxes.

    Very nice job.

  10. Maha,
    What a gorgeous blog. I see you are quite the creative one.
    Happy TT.

  11. "You are like them; in chains. We used to be so free."

    I loved this line so much-it spoke to me in a voice I'd never thought I'd hear. Beautiful Maha.

  12. Sadness
    Burning brightly
    Eating up the soul.
    Thought-provoking take for TT

  13. Free of memories.

    sometimes it would be so appealing to be free of memories... but sad and lonely as well.

  14. nice inspired by 1984 part 3 correct. Also hope you enjoy my magpie tales post. I apologize for not posting your questions there going up with my next post


    my Theme Thursday Post!
    thank you!

  16. what fun post.
    your played the word game beaituflly.