Sunday, April 11, 2010

Farewell Fornever

How I wish to recoil back to my dark solitude and let my eyes bleed for eternity. But alas! I am out of blood. And never again shall I wish for loneliness; it's embedded in my core.And what is it to be seen beyond the clouds but your face?

You never left me; a hidden fourth dimension to my existence.


They never feel

Will never feel

The immortal symphony of love

Breaching the sky

Out of sight is never out of mind

Farewell fornever my dear

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  1. This sounds way too final.....
    I have learned to never say never,
    ..........:-) Hugs

  2. see you sosoon! out of sight is not out of mind...and even if if it was there is still the heart to consider.

  3. Oh, this is very sad...hold memories in your heart.

    I responded to your kind comment on my blog. Thank you for all your caring and thoughtful suggestions. They are much appreciated. :)

  4. Sadness colours your words in almost all of your s has this beautiful glow...and a flowering takes place.

    Is it because there is a gap between the depth of your feelings and you age. In one you are outgrowing so rapidly the other...

    And whatever it is your posts are gifts to me!
    Bravo Maha!


  5. At first I thought you made a type. Very clever!

  6. Oh my!
    Girl-woman you write from the very core and heart.... THIS Is just AWESOME

    Oh how I've Loved to read it-once and again!


  7. That's so sad Maha-it made my heart ache. Beautiful.

  8. wow sad. And to make sad things (slightly) humorous I'm guessing this didin't come from personal experience

  9. Just did your question post sorry it took so long

  10. the sky must be breached -
    love these allusions!

  11. Your words carry the depth of the heartache associated with lost love, though I like the expression 'farewell fornever.'

  12. sorry misinterpreted the meaning. Makes my comment seem lowbrow and I appologize for that


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