Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dancing on Spider Webs ـــ Poem

The untrodden places in the mind
Where dreams flourish still
Imprisoned birds in cages
Of crude reality
Freed by the hour’s fantasies
Where I rule and cannot be ruled
World as fragile as
Spider webs

Wounded is the soul
From yesterday’s slap
In anguish she ruminates
Of retaliation and striking back
But no power left in her
To even sigh
Away, she runs away
In denial of
The irrefutable past 


  1. extremely well done poem. the anology to spider webs in brilliant,

  2. wicked flow of emotion today maha...i wonder what the slap was...but it is good to let the birds out of the cages every once in a while...smiles.

  3. Life can feel like walking on spiderwebs. I could relate to the underlying message of this poem. It was wonderful

  4. Susch an emotional waterfall of words Maha...a wonderful poem, yet again!

  5. If one slap gave such lovely verse, I wonder what if there were some more.

    Joy always,

  6. Loved how this seemed to speak of dreams, and how fragile they are, especially when you wake up...

    Don't know how I came up with that, but you know, just go with the flow. LoL

  7. Magnifique!
    Loved the flow of dense yet light words ass they go to such a poignant ending...

  8. everything you write, amazes me.

  9. Actually Dani, that's exactly what i meant to say.

  10. Another brilliant piece! Our minds with their ability to imagine and compartmentalize are certainly our most powerful and innovative tools - and you use yours so masterfully!

  11. So true. Life can be so fragile sometimes. You have such a unique way of getting your points across. I love it when I see that you have posted something new when I sign in to check my dashboard. (:

  12. oh my... what is she running from? and can she get far enough away?

    the slap...

    dead on breaking the web so carefully woven...

    beautiful displayed emotions here.

  13. Be-ah-yoo-tee-ful

    I have been thinking a lot about the subconscious lately. People and concepts keep coming to me in dreams.

  14. The journey here is fleeting and I hope her wounds heal quickly. Beautifully written, Maha.

  15. Denial of the irrefutable past.

    Ruling and could not be ruled.

    World as fragile as spiders webs.

    Ddid you know that spiders webs are very resistant? I like to think that us "women" are like spiders webs, a glimpse of the world, being so fragile and still so strong.

    :) Nice, nice poem!