Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Metallic Paints

Hours giving way to timelessness
Dreadful present  swallows me
Tomorrow and yesterday
A shadow and reflection
Never to be felt again
With darkness suffused
And now they fade        

You threw a stone
Broke the window
Almost stealing my heartbeat
Towing me to underlying existence
Beneath their metallic paints

Those dreams our dreams
They hide and breathe
Offsprings of their prohibited
Our never to be real screams

Let’s seek alternative shelter
Beyond what they can reach
Listen! Their sirens
Have come here too
Where else to go Where else to go?

Those dreams our dreams
Are but forged fancies
To soothe ourselves by lies
They caught us long ago
Behind their metallic-painted bars


  1. interesting read maha...seems a bit different than your usual...seems like life has caught up with this one...and i wonder how far they will run from the sirens before it catches up...good to see you over at oneshot!

  2. just beautiful, maha! beautiful!

  3. A poignant and stirring piece, Maha. I agree with Brian, there is definitely a sense of haunting realism to this poem. In truth, we are all running away from something.

  4. You have some stellar imagery tucked inside this lovely poem. And it falls so lightly. Beautiful.

  5. Nice ..todays, yesterdays and the past..that so add to our memories and reveries!

    'where else to go?" twice maybe redundant!

  6. You capture a feeling of desolation, both in spirit and finding there is nowhere to go. The poem made me think of artists being imprisoned for their graffiti and then noticing the paint on the jail bars at the end. Thanks for being a part of One Shot this week! cheers

  7. You also make me pause and reflect in a good way. A haunting piece I agree with the other comments. Beautifully written. Quite stirring.


  8. This sent shivers up and down my spine.

  9. i remember my Maha Love, thx.
    Very nice.
    God bless.

  10. is this the moment fantasy and reality collide?

  11. there was some beautiful word usage and flow within this piece..a great poem for one shot..cheers pete

  12. soothe ourselves by lies - caught long ago behind metallic-painted bars - gives a feeling of being alone and desolate in some way...

  13. Great poem dear Maha, it has an under running current of urgency and escape from a feared reality.
    xoxoxo ♡

  14. I like the gravity and swing of your words! Thank YOU for finding my blog...

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki :)

    Comfort Spiral

  15. This echoes with despair. Nowhere to be, nowhere to go. Well done.

  16. Feel that sense - running, seeking, grasping

    really great emotion conveyed Maha

    nicely done for One Shot

    Moon Smiles

  17. Ohhhhhhhhh Maha..
    i'm really sorry

    Be happy if u can..