Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Skin

Her beige shoes trod across the winding road. Faraway, there were pizzas and waiters. The place teemed with them walking swiftly not looking at anything in particular. They frowned in concentration with a Herculean effort not to drop the trays.
She walked starring at the tiles and listening to the Tick-Tick-Tick of her shoe.

Big tile. Small Tile. Big tile. Small Tile. Big Tile. Small Tile.

Tears hit the floor as her hands froze on the doorknob and her lips pressed into a thin line. She tried to imagine herself,  a figure standing in there with flushed cheeks and empty eyes, a huge lump rising in the throat.  But that looked like someone else. Her features lost their distinction as they drowned in the whirly sameness of days.
Wake up, survive, sleep.  Wake up, survive, sleep.  Wake up, survive, sleep.

    The voices in her head went dull, echoing the mechanical roars of the car motor. Her mind was an immaculate reflection of the world seen by those tarnished blue crystals, free of her vision, free of herself. The sun rays slanted across the black sky and spread until there were no traces of darkness. Yet, in her inner mirror she  saw where they resided, lurking right beneath the surface of the days. Days were masked nights. Nights were perpetual. The twiddling autumn leaves that flew in the far horizon were never free; the wind propelled them to the dead ground of her thoughts. And now, she was running away, peeling away that person’s skin she came to recognize as a self she no longer wanted.

Listen to her tears fading away…


  1. maha this is wonderful. in voyage of the dawn treader my fav scene is where the lion de skins the dragon to find the little boy beneath...this took me there...the perpetual night is a strong image as well...

  2. maha, thank you so much for visiting me and your lovely comment.

    wow!! your piece is written with such vivid imagery. i could feel the weight of your words, her feelings...strongly composed!

    warm smiles,

  3. whirly sameness... love this. the attention to detail in this astounds. well done, friend. thanks so much for linking. e.

  4. "days were masked nights. nights were perpetual."

    loved this.

  5. Vivid imagery, as always. :)

  6. This is powerful and profound, Maha. Strong, deep writing, the emotion suffused into your words is wonderful, the mind of your character extraordinary.

  7. ..wake up - survive - sleep - your description of this never ending circle is amazing - and then - the change...she was running away, peeling away that person’s skin…brave - off to new shores...
    just loved it!

  8. whooosh... emotions beautiful, picture perfect, eruption impending.

  9. You always... never stop to astound me Maha!

  10. Maha:

    As others have commented, your character and the depth of which she reveals herself is profound. It is hard to image living with those thoughts, but I am sure there are many who do. A nice depth to your writing without it being over the edge- but strongly connected to the pulse of life.
    Detailed and descriptive.

  11. Let it be perpetual her tears and
    Let those tears will cleanse the way her beloved

  12. I am quiet now.
    Everything´s in silence...
    Yes, now I can hear her tears falling down making a deep sound of solitude.

    Never tell her to stop.