Monday, September 13, 2010

Nothing Makes Sense

We're heading for that one-way trip paved with our regrets.  Really, it just doesn’t matter….we are somewhere else now. Or does it? Tears carved the shape of your face.
Stranger, before you judge, do you know my name? To you, I am pretty clothes above skin below twisted thoughts imprisoned by cranium beneath a face.  Open your eyes to see, but not too wide; the truth will have you blinded.
Hear beyond the words, reach out a finger and trace the lines twisted into a brain molded into me who is talking to you what falls on ears  blocked by lies.
Curiosity killed the cat and to stop the harm we are now shielded by ignorance disguised in what makes sense but the truth is: Nothing really does. Lose your mind and be free.
The tunnel sinks in darkness and we can’t see through that  thing they call tomorrow . Let them decorate it with their fanciful thoughts that will be pulverized by the sun.
 And we are hanging on a pendulum swinging between hoping and hurting and not hoping at all. It’ll just hurt anyway.


  1. whew. blistering write maha...that pendulum sounds like a tough place to be...being around those that cant or wont see you..i get that...i may dress up tomorrow and make it pretty at times, but got enough sense to know the sun may kill those dreams...

  2. I agree with brian.
    blistering is the perfect word

  3. That thing about nothing making have to wonder then, how this made such perfect sense. In its own way, I guess. Very powerful..

  4. "...between hoping and hurting and not hoping at all. It’ll just hurt anyway."

    Oh my...I just hope it doesn't hurt.

    ...The sun may pulverize, but the moon mesmerizes.

    You are still of the best, Maha

  5. tears carved the shape of your face...

    Loved that.

  6. mmmm hmmmm those days happen ...

    fortunately, only temporaryily.

    eeck. thank goodness

  7. thinking of nothing is a luxus, I think is very positive, but fast impossible...

  8. Some days are like this Maha .. but I try not think of my journey through this life as paving it with regrets. The sun can pulverize but it also warms & heals. Life can feel like your teetering on the edge of a cliff, leaning forward & then leaning back, just like your pendulum but keeping the balance is all in the art of living which at times does involve both hope & hurt. It is these experiences in life that mold us and hopefully make us better people.

  9. It was aggressive in a way, effective and pushing.

    Oh and how many times did you repost it and delete it?
    2? no three?

  10. Or maybe it won't
    It so much depends on us, whether it hurts or not...

  11. ..."we can’t see through that thing they call tomorrow."
    Wow! what a line. There were so many powerful ones in this piece, Maha. Very well done.

  12. Oh maha just out of curiousity did you stop donig magpie tales because I enjoyed your versions of them

  13. yep - there are just time when nothing seems to make sense - had a dive into kind of depressive phase as well this weekend after a work with a too heavy workload...
    love the pictures you use - the pendulum and pulverized by the sun