Sunday, July 4, 2010


And then..... it leaves you wondering, what exactly are we? The sameness that forces us to writhe in pain. Agony, it moans with unfathomable names. 
   Disentangling the details, we are all that island of a person. The random scenes that cross the minds, behind them, there are secrets; there, we stopped to live and have yet to live in parallel dimensions when screams are still unheard. 
   we die. From our ashes, there rises another fire. Alone. Those walls of the grave, they smother me. Let the light find its way; but be careful, it might blind me.
    Quotes between the inner lines; Fresh air still hanging on the mists of the morning before the first yawns discard it, hazy memories intertwine. Identify me. Recognize the paleness of my skin. A dead soul speaks tonight. Bruised lungs crumble down. Bruised longs can't but feign oxygen. 
    I thrust the fangs and peel the skin away. I move them to my heart and let them linger there. 
"You can only take too much," I whisper. "You can only take too much."


  1. This sent chills up my spine-I love the title. So mysterious.

  2. 'you can only take so much'...this was both stunningly true yet chilling...wonderfully written with words that seems to be brand new when you use them, maha.

  3. the repetition of those last few lines stikes a cord that accentuates the writhing in pain...chiling stuff today...

  4. Hauntingly beautiful, Maha. You are, undoubtedly, a writer of immense skill.

  5. gave you shivers just reading it

  6. one word maha - sentiment. What a lovely way to describe this situation x

  7. You know what? I wonder the exact same thing... what are we after all?
    Just a glimpse of existence, a grain of sand lost in the immensity of the sea, a flower meant to bloom and shine when the sun rises and then die when the nightfalls?
    I believe in some way we are... but what makes our existance something as marvelous as it is, is that there are ways not everyone discover to make each day and each breathe worth it.
    Some may make a difference in this world, you know... we all wanna change the world.
    Anyway sorry... I wrote too much! But as I always say. I beg you pardon but I cannot help myself to twll you that you write awesome!

  8. " I thrust the fangs and peel the skin away. I move them to my heart and let them linger there."

    That was amazing. Every line was intense. And the repetition of the last line drilled the feeling in.

  9. Phoenix Rising -- poignant and powerful -- Joanny

  10. You have lyrical, evocative talent, Maha. Love your words and the spirit they invoke. In tribute, a haiku :

    Dreams drift like clouds,
    I reach to touch the moon,
    I grasp but empty night.


  11. Wow. You have an amazing talent. I love the repeating at the end. It really made me stop and think.

    Thanks btw for the follow/comment on my blog.

  12. Hauntingly cryptic and yet your prose unfurls with such elusive beauty. The essence of your words seem to swirl and twist much like the movement of mist. Captivating.