Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sinners of Dreams

   Tears of a thousand constellations collide falling down on my melting bones. Screams of thunder pierce my ears as the world looks at me in reproach burning my skin with their gazes. I want to elude and whisper in dreams. I want to escape to my head and hide within the cage of my skull. But I no longer own that place.
  You said my words made little sense to you, like I was talking about someone else. But, you sought me in the words and I do not linger in there. I’m the silent sigh between the lines uttered by your lips; I’m the images burnt with in the creases of your brain; I’m the bitter taste left in your mouth; I’m the volcano of feelings erupting between your ribs. Can you see me now?
   Under layers of black, there lie thousand shades of dead colours. Wrench me out of the colorlessness and take me on the swing set swaying between heavens and Earth. We always wake up and find it today; we are always living this hour, this moment, this second. And the second is an ephemeral form of eternity holding us prisoners. Time is constant and we are variables. Well, not in the beating organ between my ribs. Not in the few inches within our skulls. You taught me how to rebel on reality with the thoughts that are not bound to it. You taught me how conquer time by being beyond it. But you never taught me what would happen when life expel you. For sanity in a world of insanity is insanity. And the cost of life is your head.

I won't be blogging for the next three weeks; I'll be having tests. I'll miss you all until then. See you soon!


  1. wow... come on... captivate me even more, I dare you! :) what a piece.

  2. good luck on your tests :)

    i've read this about 10 times over.
    i love it.

  3. you sure know how to make words dance. smiles. best of luck on the tests! hope to read you soon!

  4. Beautiful post. Loved it. All the best with your tests...:)

  5. WOW...Your wording is so capturing...Vivid and heartfelt...

    Good luck with your tests!

  6. "You taught me how to rebel on reality with the thoughts that are not bound to it."

    Loved this so much. :) Will definitely miss you.

  7. Truly beautiful.
    Good luck with your tests!!!

  8. you'll have to excuse me for poking my nose into something you'd rather not share but isn't three weeks an awfully long time for tests? and what kind of tests are we talking about here...for education, for health reasons? anyways, i hope that all is well with you, my friend, and i can't wait until you return with a pocketful of new weavings that both capture my imagination and my heart, maha...

  9. This is so powerful. You are so powerful with words... so poetic so intense...
    Shame you are leaving.We'll miss you. GOOD Luck with your tests- I am sure you'll do brightly!


  10. I agree three weeks is a very long time, but, the tests actually last for only one week. But, here's the thing, our curriculums are awfully hard and we have to memorize every ingle word in huge books so it takes a lot of time for us to be prepared.

  11. Powerful, mesmerizing and very transcendental. There are so many wonderful layers embedded in this piece. Good luck on your exams. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Thank you for "test explanation". It sounds difficult, but YOU sound extremely intelligent. I for one, am not worried about your tests, you'll do fine.

    " words made little sense to you...But, you sought me in the words and I do not linger in there. I’m the silent sigh between the lines uttered by your lips..."

    Oh, how perceptive you are, Maha, to realize this about words, and actually, all the arts, including music, painting sculpting, architecture, dance, martial arts, and on and on.

    A rather famous artist once told me that he could not define his pieces for me...only I could do that. (he was like your 'whisperings' between the lines...

    It seems I cannot stop when commenting on your blogs, they actually excite me to enthusiastic response, hence

    "For sanity in a world of insanity is insanity..."

    Maha, Your truths are like not-yet-appointed axioms

    Thank you, thank you!