Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One Tear

   It is not unlike stopping midsentence after forgetting what you intended to say. You squeeze your eyes shut in an effort to remember. But you do not and you never will. And it is not unlike rummaging the ashes for a piece of paper. You get shreds of incomprehensible words and you try to find the connection, but fail miserably. This is how I forgot life; and how I tried to recollect it.
    The pristine layer falls, one tear at a time. And I cannot hinder it. My eyes lose their innocence and are naked, lifeless, powerless. They look a lot but scarcely ever see.  I have become blind.a
    The invincible walls of the bubble restraint me. Then my heart is suffused with them until I become a walking prison. I cannot think. I cannot hear. I cannot see. And I cannot feel. Life is wrung out of my body and the last traces of it are rinsed by apathy. I try not to further lose myself. I try to hold on to whatever remained, but there’s nothing left. Nothing at all.
     Don’t look when I cry. Don’t listen when I whimper; you only kill me more. Pass me by as I writhe on the ground. I am the nothingness mingling with air. I am the dead in the world of living.
Stop the tears from fallin’
One tear at a time
HOPES suffocate
hopes suffocate…….


  1. This is so sad Maha..It makes me wish for so much.

  2. lord, my soul feels wrung out after that one...so desolate...superbly written...

  3. Maha this piece of superb writing is proof that you do feel, you do think & your are not dead in the world of the living.
    Because anyone whom can write something so beautiful, so truthful & so full of raw emotion cannot be dead and cannot be ignored!!!
    I do hope that this is fictional piece & not your real emotions!

  4. Pure torture...too sad, Maha.

  5. This poem has touched my heart deeply......raw, honest and real.
    .......:-) Hugs

  6. This is hauntingly powerful, Maha. For what is a human without their identity, and if they loose that, then surely they become an empty shell, wandering in the wilderness. Beautifully written.

  7. Yeah! I'll pss you by...
    But this is beautiful

  8. This is so sad, and so very beautiful. You are such a talent. You are so good.
    Hugs/ Jo.

  9. "Life is wrung out of my body and the last traces of it are rinsed by apathy"

    wow. thats all i have to say.

  10. This is such an emotive, enthralling piece. The first paragraph is my favourite when you make the analogy for forgetting life.
    I really enjoyed reading this as a piece of art. It's thought provoking.

  11. the utter hopelessness left me in dispair. is there not hope? no light at the end of the tunnel? no joy that comes in the morning?