Friday, May 7, 2010

Between your Eyes

   Bombard my head with words I do not understand then enjoy the flash of ignorance flickering in my eyes. Let your facts weave themselves around my cranium leaving no place for my thoughts.
   You said I am bizarre, I’m not like others, I’m not “normal.” But what is normal? There’s no normal or abnormal, there is only a set of adjectives varying from one person to the other that he tends to describe as normal. And to you I am not. You said it’s a fact my eyes are green.  But there are no facts.  Facts are delusions based on doubts we prefer not to trigger. Facts are nothing in an abstract world. Facts are only lies. There is only a world of shredded emptiness we patch up with our words then come and call the “facts” for we fear thinking, we fear questioning.  And what is green? What is green to you? What’s green to me? What is green to them? We may all be seeing different colors and think they are the same. In what colors do you see me? I wish I could see myself through your eyes. I wish I could.
    How often you talk about the past as though it was one past, not a million past, not a false past. Past is a loose word. Past is yesterday. And yesterday is eternity. Yesterday we were together, but we cannot recollect the same past. Because we are not the same people. You are you, and I am me.
    Hasn’t occurred to you that the entire universe may only be existing in our eyes? Turn the lights off and what do you see? Nothing. Nothing but the darkness. But you then told me you can feel things. True. But you are more often taken aback by your blindness to bother. It scares you to be in there. It scares you to be in that place where emptiness shows the most. You focus on that string of voices and draw images in your head of what things may look. You are unbound by truths that are lies. You are free of seeing, but eventually, you see nothing. What color are my eyes now? Black. And when I change the light a little…? Blue. And when I open it? Green. So, truths are not stable, they change with our vision. They change with our eyes. And between your two eyes, there lies a world. Discover this world and before you die, discover that there is only really nothing. Nothing but the darkness. Nothing but you and me. Nothing but a beating heart. Nothing but ravenous eyes. Nothing but false truths.  Nothing but labels.  Nothing but nothing

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  1. good job on this prompt really liked this one

  2. Aw, the eternal debate...normal or or different...good or bad. Very well done, Maha!

  3. Great post, I find this very interesting......:-) Hugs

  4. 'Nothing but nothing.'
    What a line.

  5. but then again they have nothing is really something. smiles. nicely written...

  6. Your musings leave me musing. Your writing is very provocative, Maha.

  7. This story has a deep philosophical message beating throughout it. For surely the world only exists as we perceive it, and perception is individual, it is transient. This short story is so wonderfully crafted, and the last line was infinitely poignant, "Nothing but nothing"...Such a haunting truth.

  8. Wow, just when I thought I had it figured out I read your post. Thanks for "nothing". :-)

  9. "Nothing but nothing"

    This was amazing Maha, I really felt it. After all, what do we really know? This felt like threads weaving in and out, with no truth, only lies that feel like truth.

  10. I loved this post Maha! You are a deep & very beautiful thinker!!
    What IS normal? indeed!
    This same phrase is something I use often. I mean... Who determines what or who is normal!!!
    Like - Dislike
    Normal - Abnormal
    Facts - Untruths
    All conceptual and are perceived differently by all!
    A beautiful piece Maha!

  11. "We may all be seeing different colors and think they are the same." Oh, goodness I have often thought that very thing. And that can apply to our perceptions of anything, can't it?

    You are brilliant. Are you sure you're only 14? :-)

  12. You struck a cord -- you made us pause and think --- it is like reflections on trying to capture a shadow, transitory, ethereal and profound.


  13. Existentialism! Long may it wave!!You did this well...

  14. Oh, indeed. A provocative read. Thanks.