Monday, October 12, 2009

To My Dear Someone

 Dearest Someone,
When will you take me to Neveralnd, where we never grow old so I get to love you every day of my life? When will you fly with me to the stars where we dance and sway and say it all without uttering a word? When will you sing to me of a love that the darkness of days can never put off? When will you sing to me of a love that is the answer to my every dream? When will you sing to me of a love as delicate as a rose yet gives me all the strength in this world, a love that wraps around me and I never get to touch it, for love my dear someone, is a great wizard. It throws its arrows randomly on two hearts and bonds them to become one. One heart, one beat, one soul. It's in the air yet only those who give up the fight of its conquering can breathe it. Oh yes my dear, love is magic that can neither be seen nor expressed. How many poets endeavored to summon its majesty using mere words! They knew not there are no words that go that deep.
My dear Someone, answer my questions about you. The color of your eyes, is it dreams? Your heart, is it made of passion and fire? In your arms, do I feel that I can give up all the world? In your touch do I feel so secure? Can you make me laugh when I am on the verge of tears? Do I find in you a reason to go on when every hope is gone? Are you the answer to my prayers?
Are you the love that I have been waiting for, the promise of happiness I make to myself in every dark night?
My dear someone, when will you come to put an end to my lonely days that only your love can fill? When will my whole existence be shaken by the sound of you calling my name? When will your eyes meet mine to make me a prisoner to that look that I wish time could stop for me to hold that feeling forever? When will a smile directed to me be drawn upon your lips? A smile that no mortal language can describe. When will I feel that thrill in my chest whenever you pass by? When will I get to feel loved by you and only you to catch me when I am falling and guide me when I lose my way? When will my life change by hearing you uttering the magical words?
My dear Someone, I will always believe that you, the other half of my soul, are there, somewhere in this world, longing to see me as much as I'm longing to see you and I'll wait till the end of time if that's what it takes. I have a faith so strong to be changed by the power of time.
 My dear someone, one last thing, I believe in miracles
Forever yours,
Your dearest someone