Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beautiful Illusion...

#Between the night and the day: The first time I ever witnessed it was ten years ago. I was four, we were traveling and had to wake up early. I finally found the chance to answer my inquiries about what was happening out there while I slept everyday. I entered the porch and saw it, the twilight. I can't say that my memory holds still this beautiful picture, but my heart does, the feeling is forever carved in it. It was s0.... so indescribable, how can I put in to words. Maybe I can say it's magical, if magical does it justice, but no, it goes far beyond this word. The strings of light and the sky of darkness, overlapped. The gentle breezes of the early morning and the chirping of a bird, musical. THe eyes of a curious little girl who never saw such beauty in her life, amazed.

After that day, I saw the twilight a million times, but it was never like that, never like the first time.                                                



#I'll write till there's nothing left to say: When I was eight and it was just a fancy, when I was nine and started the project of  a magazine with my cousin, when i was twelve and discovered the poet inside of me, when I was thirteen and made it my biggest dream, and now when I'm taking one step forward to achieving it, through this all, I loved writing. It's my passion, my pleasure. If the mirror reflects my face, then the paper reflects my heart.



#I dream: That's who I am, a dreamer, and have always been for as long as I can remember. My fancies always fulfilled what I knew deep down in my heart would never be true. It's a world with no boundaries, no  rules, for some minutes every day I can be whoever i wanna be. But it always hurts, waking up from a sweet dream my hands reached out to touch to find themselves grabbing thin air.



#The moon follows me: When I looked up at the sky to see this beautiful stone that time always fails to alter, hanging in the sky, I felt happy, for I believed that the moon followed me of all people. Of course I grew up to discover that the moon is very big and that it rotates around the Earth and that it doesn't follow anybody, yet I still want to believe that it follows me, I sill want to believe that I have my own guardian angel




  1. maha !! i dunno wat 2 say !! i just love it !! its so wonderful and maybe bec u have so much in common wiz me i find it so true and touching <3

  2. hey there Nahla! First I'd like to thank you for your encouragement, I really appreciate it, second i do think that there are some stuff in common between us, "who said that shine is happiness has never danced in the rain", I can't agree more

  3. u r welcome :) !! and yeah we do ..u know I'm a Gemini too :D and i have the same 2 personality... i love reading , writing and i have my own share of madness XD

  4. Beautiful post. BTW, thanks for following! Gonna keep on following up with your posts!

  5. You are captivating! I especially liked the line, "If the mirror reflects my face, then the paper reflects my heart."

  6. u write really well... "If the mirror reflects my face, then the paper reflects my heart." wow!