Saturday, April 23, 2011

To you who is no longer there

I will fight all that's tempting me to be poetic, and I"ll catch words as they come.
  I try to imagine how things would be like if caught by a camera. I shut my eyes and paint everything in sepia. And when the world fades to black and white, I wish for colors resurrecting it. But at times, when soul breathes into life, I find myself crashing within the tempests it evokes.
  And I envy the characters in movies; free from existence, but in their folds, you can see all the tiny complexities of how it is to be alive. It's then when I weave myself into one.
  I just need to tell you..there is nothing intricate to me; draw a line between a million drop of rain with a black pen and I will be the image glittering behind your eyelids.


  1. Amazing, imaginative prose dear Maha, that really speaks to me, it takes me to a world where I find the inspiration for my words ... so beautiful ... and I love the image!

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. delish prose that last bit about the line between the rain drops....hope you are well...

  3. Lovely words maha... so delicate!

  4. Maha,
    Heart writes our truest words....

    Beautiful prose! i like the part where the rain and pen meets!

  5. That painted an image with words beyond what a brush could do on canvas.

  6. I believe there is nothing intricate in ANYONE. Some are more gifted than some others, which but beckons them to more responsibility to USE those special gifts.

    And that is what you do. Excellently!


  7. evokes some unknown sweet feeling as I read. I feel tied down.