Monday, April 25, 2011

The Irony of Love

He advances towards her with heavy steps that evoke no motion in the sand beneath his bare feet. The urge to burst out and evaporate into the air now abandons him; it’s hurt so much it doesn’t hurt any more.
   She sits two footsteps away from where the waves hit the shore. Her eyes flash to the sky. An eternity ago, she could tell time by the position of moon; now, though, everything stands transfixed.
   As their two haggard entities intertwine, they feel it digging its way through the holes between them and a dream-like past, it crashes them and yet binds them together; and as they hear its sinister silence lurking beneath their tears, it becomes impossible to elude…they have inhaled all the glow love had, and now, it is time to be burnt by the fire.


  1. evocative piece gone, perhaps that is the best...

  2. inhaled all the glow love had...and now fire..i could feel this maha

  3. Also I felt this..and believe it happens too frequently.

    But Maha, isn't the fire simply a deeper love than that former glow inhaled? Your writing--exquisite.

  4. Love beginning to end. Painful and beautiful.

  5. Oh and let me add this:
    "it’s hurt so much it doesn’t hurt any more"
    ^ Beautiful =)