Friday, September 2, 2011


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In life, absolution is nonexistent. We get to determine the state of things by subjecting them to a chain of comparisons of which we can deduce what the best in that chain and the worst also in that chain; outside it, there lies nothing, just nothing. So, for instance, when you say that a certain person has a beautiful face, it is because your mind has automatically made a comparison between that person’s face and other faces, and found that among those faces he has the best. It is owing to the fact that beauty does not exist in an absolute state for you to measure things on it, you just compare. Whether you do it consciously or unconsciously, we always determine our position in life in relation to others.
    It is needless to say that we always have an incessant desire to be the best. This desire is reflected in how our comparisons are always in our favor as we all tend to magnify the wrong-doings of others to make us feel better; this also why any wrong-doing of any person is always an enjoyable subject for people to tackle. This, I guess, can be noticed every time you open a newspaper and find an entire page dedicated to telling, in details, the scandals of a celebrity whose personal life cannot be of any importance to anyone. If you are asking why all of this happens, the answer will be self-love. Because if you cannot be the best, it will do you no harm to belittle others.
    You are yourself; the statement may sound ridiculous, but it is as simple as that…you are yourself. And since you cannot possibly separate yourself from you, the self remains as an obligatory companion throughout your life experience. Such a companion that won’t go away will always need to be patted and told how amazing he is. Yes, we are talking about you, you always need to be patted and told how amazing you are. This too is pretty simple, but you may never underestimate it. Discrimination, all kinds of discrimination, stems from that. If you cannot see the connection, try to perceive things backwardly. We have that street sinking lowly in poverty. Most of the inhabitants of that street are Muslims and there is a minority of Christians. They are looking angrily at how humans quite like themselves are treated in a very different way. They lose their self-respect as they realize how they are in the bottom of the social ladder. They are getting closer to hating their own selves. If they hate themselves there will be no survival for them. Quickly, what do they do? Well, it is clear that their situation in life cannot be better any time soon. There might be nobody poorer than they are, but who said it’s all about money? Here, the Muslim majority will automatically look down on the Christian minority using the ugly excuse of “God said so”, and if they can look down on them, it defiantly means they are better. Because they couldn’t feel “amazing” when comparing themselves to others, they had to lower one group of them so that they would be better than some people at something. There are lots of these streets in Egypt, and others all over the world and throughout history having injustice as a constant and reasons as variables.
   This is not it. Self-love is literally everything. We love our football team, our family, our neighborhood and every other thing that is ours, simply because it’s ours. We always say that it is us who belong to these things but it is actually these things that belong to us; they, as us, need to always be the best. Why? Because they are extensions of ourselves. And so, even patriotism can be considered a form of self-love. Need I say more?


  1. The middle part reminded me of one of my recent blog posts: "Illusion of asymmetric insight", where it states that we, sadly, do not celebrate and welcome diversity; we're only us, withing us is what's right, and outside our inner self is just wrong and implausible.Close to the philosophical doctrine "Solipsism".

    I now realize how beautiful it is to read different articles on one topic, I was actually thinking yesterday if we can use this in Artivity. Will email you about it insha'allah.

    Throughout reading the article, I couldn't help but feel your poetic side in phrasing and using precise words that sounded so musical and inspirational. It truly is beautiful to experience general writing after mastering poetry/prose, the articles always have a different taste. I loved your words so much!

    Your loyal fan~

  2. If this is not pure reality, then what is?!

  3. Maha, what you wrote here is true.. self-love encompasses everything in our life. We can't look down at others because they are from another gender/ nationality/ race/ religion.. things that one have no control on.

    It is true that we always compare, there is no absolute value.. you compare your current love to ur previous one, you compare your friends who is better and who is less.. etc

  4. I LOVE the way you tackled the topic...
    The fact that our lives are based on comparisons and the fact that oneself remains an obligatory companion throughout one's life.

    I agree with Nema. I loved your words so much. =)

  5. While reading your article, all I could think off was a bunch of people trying to step on top of each other to reach to the top of some kind of mental human pyramid they have formed in their minds. And all I could see was people continuously trying and tumbling on top of one another, never even managing to put together a foundation of the pyramid at all. To elaborate myself, it seems to me like in the process of belittling others, everybody ends up being little in the eyes of somebody else. Moreover, belittling others may give somebody a temporary high, a very brief sensation that "I am better, I am less faulty" but I think people can run away from each other but never run away from themselves and who THEY ARE. The truth will always be there, at the end of the night, either staring back at them from a mirror or just lingering somewhere at the back of their head.

    Nicely written and I was very amused by the part of everything being an extension of one-self.

  6. Very well put thoughts. You made some interesting philosophical pieces ;)