Tuesday, August 23, 2011

خواطر ليلية

Never wrote Arabic Poetry.....but then again, who knows?

يسدل الليل ستائره
علي يوم قد مضي و انقضي
و اندثرت في ثناياه
ذكريات لماض سحيق
فأنا لست أنا
فقط بل محض صدي
لصرخات كل من تأوه
وقال لا ادري كيف البقاء
كيف الحياة
كيف التنفس في هواء
قد اثقلته الشجون

تدفنني الاغطية
و قبري سرير
اتقلب ابحث
عن ساتر يسترني
من تلك الرأس رأسي
تجرعني الالم كؤوس
فلا أجد من ملجأ
سوي أطياف لغد
أتواري فيها
عن الافكار عن الظلال
عن اشباح الجنون
و لكن يا اسفاه
فمنها لا اجد
سوي الطرد الي
الي الان الي
لحظة تأبي الا ان تدوم


  1. Never? never ever? Are you sure? Because this is beautiful masha'allah! I can tell you remind me of old Arab poets bs msh 3rfa meen. Or maybe a friend of mine who writes beautiful Arabic poetry bardo.
    So, you're taking a different path into writing? And..what happaned to your other blog?? :( please tell me you didn't delete it!

  2. Never wallahy!
    I am sticking to the stuff I used to post back there in the old blog and adding to them some of my general opinions. As for your question, my other blog is safe and sound although I REALLY wanted to delete. When I started posting there, I was only 14 and since then lots of things have changed and I no longer feel that these things reflect the person I am.

  3. It looks beautiful and although I don't know what it says, it still speaks.

  4. Why don't you try to translate it to your fans? :) I think it will still sound beautiful wallahi!

  5. I find this interesting. I am into translation so I'll try my hand at it and post it whenever I can.

  6. ana mbufhumsh fel shu3r wla el 7agat bta3etko dy swa2 english aw arabic ,, bs elly ana 3rfo delw2ty 7aln hwa en elly ana 2reto dh 7elw awy..