Sunday, October 3, 2010


Wise man sits on the top of a tower
Saying tears turn to pearls
Mine came crashing at my feet
And now I’m bleeding

Evil and good
Wrestled tonight on my threshold
I locked the door
Sank under the quilts and pretended
I was deaf

Politicians and Presidents
Movies and celebrities
Jewels and glitter
I just squeeze myself between the cracks
Hanging photos on dusty walls
A girl who wore pink dreams
Torn at the edges
Last seen
Two years ago

I tiptoe so I wouldn’t’ disturb
Extremes fighting within me
On my way to the candy shop
Just around the corner
Of yesterday
At the end
I am only a sack of
Twisted nerves  


  1. it was the third stanza that got me...hanging the pictures of the missing girl...

  2. Oh I so get the twisted nerves nerves are a little unhinged at the moment. I was able to relate to this poem Maha. Wonderfully written as always.

  3. I had to go back and read that one again...

    ugh. it hurt, but in a good way.

    you have a wonderful way with writing

  4. I agree with Brian "hanging the picture of the missing girl."

    Wonderful piece.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. This is third time today I am left with words adequate to express myself to you, Maha.

    One above here wrote "Brilliant"...I'll stay with that, anything more from me would detract from that brilliance!

    Steve E

  6. I've been gone too long. I missed your amazing words and you've changed your blog look. This was a wonderful piece. You use the most unusual words to paint pictures with. Weaving them in and out so intricately. Beautiful.

  7. freaking brilliant!

    i think i did get most of the tryst but i would liek to know your angle of it.
    and ofcourse what inspired it.

    and btw
    hey :)

  8. oh my - this missing girl..cracked my heart...deep write as always maha - you can for sure create an atmosphere with your words

  9. "Saying tears turn to pearls" they do, Maha! They really do!

  10. This is lovely. Powerful and beautiful.

  11. It's amazing to think about what you wrote when I first saw this blog, and what you write now. Seems like everything's changed in life, you know?

  12. Reading once more, and "...I locked the door
    Sank under the quilts and pretended
    I was deaf..."

    I used to do this--they called it 'isolating' in my case!

    BTW in my comment (wayyyy above here)
    It should say "...withOUT words..."


  13. !!!!!!!
    Yes- you know what I mean...

  14. I'm not a huge blog poetry fan, but I quite like this.

  15. Oh finally, a blogger poet from Egypt!
    This is a masterpiece. I pretty much love it!