Monday, February 8, 2010

Before You Fade

One minute gone

Eternity waiting ahead

A perpetual today


With no end

Hear my broken whimpers

I’m lying in the abyss

The light of my shadow

My muted screams

An extinct volcano

Burning its walls

A hollow being

A body with no soul

Search for me

Not in the words

I’m hanging in between

I’m the unwritten

The story untold

I’m the lovely façade

Of hatred

But blame me not

My loud whispers

That once were silent tears

Echoing in the mountains

Where no one hears

Touch this heart of mine

Once before you fade

For I’m not sure it still beats.




  1. "Search for me
    Not in the words
    I'm hanging in between
    I'm the unwritten
    The story untold"

    So very beautiful and powerful dear Maha. ♥

  2. wow. powerful leaves me with a bit of pain for that heart...

  3. i think all could relate to this at one time or another, yet it makes me sad think, anyone should be in this place.

  4. Maha, thanks for visiting my site.
    Your poem captures my inner longings, good writing. Keep up the poetry.

    Thanks for your writing for us to share on your site.


  5. I find it hard that someone 14 has lived life as much as you apparently have. What wonderful insight you have and depth of feeling. Yours is truly a beautiful gift.

  6. I enjoyed browsing through your poetry! Thanks for stopping by Willow Manor. Hope to see you again soon.

  7. This expression is beyond description; i thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

  8. You're poetry is simply... beautiful. And I'm in complete awe of anyone who can write poetry. It's so hard, for me. : )

  9. Hey magpie, thanks for stopping by!
    Age is just a number ;)