Monday, January 25, 2010

A New Chapter

You shattered all my defenses

I stood

Too shocked to speak

You pushed me to the sidewalk

Blood mingled with tears

“Come back! Come back!”

I screamed

But you drove away

And never heard

You took the roots of love

Out of my heart

And left it

A cold machine

“Pump. Pump,”

Hear its dull beats

This is not the same old story

Of broken hearts

With misery

With every part of me

I write a new chapter



  1. Creepy picture. But awesome. Lovely text as well.

  2. nice. love how you used the sounds.

    hearts heal, over time, and with new chapters...

  3. Beautifully written, but you were painfully vulnerable and abandoned ... no way to treat you ... let him keep driving ... away from you. ♡

  4. Maha thank you for the follow. I appreciate your presence.

    Your images. Your words. Intricate. Full of life, edged with pain. Pulsating.

    I will be back.

  5. I love your poems, especially from one so young!
    You have some real talent here, keep up with the writing! It is beautiful and very moving too.
    Your photos just fit the text beautifully!

  6. Absolutely-bloody-fantastic! What a piece. I loved this. It is hard to bare yourself like that.

  7. BRILLIANT! A beautifully written piece I can feel and visualize.

  8. another one beautifully done.
    and the pictures you choose are lovely as well! though, i have to admit, with your poem i pictured a city scene. ;)

  9. Hey Ellie. Well, first thanks for visiting ;)
    While writing this poem, I also pictured a city scene yet I chose this picture because I wanted something bleak.