Monday, December 28, 2009

Guiding Stars

All the roads in my way overlapped to form a big circle. No beginning. No end. I'm left with no map to guide me to the right path. I'm only supposed to walk till one day I find answers. Questions have been torturing me and I cannot control them. It's like trying to get a grip on a swarm of bees. I must find the answers. I must. I don't want to waste all my life searching. I don't want to spend all my time walking. I want to sit. I want to have a break.

I built the walls not the bridges and I'm left with only regret as my companion. I tried to climb the walls but they are too high. I brought a shovel and started digging a hole but it's dark underground and I'm afraid of getting lost, lost more than I am already. Now I'm ready to create a window for my cage, hoping that maybe one day I'll find the key to the door. Or maybe I'll be found. Maybe my savior will find it for me. But I can't wait. What if he never makes it

Oh, you are the answer to my questions. You are the key that will let me out. Dreams, guide my way. But first I must believe. I must follow the flickering star in my dark sky that will never delude me. I promise I'll follow, only when it appears.


  1. I was debating something very relevant yesterday, look for your savior, don't wait.

    Lost is but a state of mind, and if you're still dreaming, you are far from lost.

    Have a good day, Maha.

  2. but posing questions and going round in circles is always better than settling

  3. Life is a journey, and journey brings us happiness so take a ride and don't worry about finding answers all at once. If we were born knowing everything - life would not be interesting.

  4. I know EXACTLY what you mean :). But lately I've been searching for the right questions not the answers lool. beautiful as always...

  5. Some questions misguide greatly because they comprise blurry and deluding answers. Wondering tirelessly about precise issues can instill confusion constantly, getting you to feel consumed by your inability to find genuine and truthful answers.

    Only seek to consider the right questions in order not to get mistreated by whatever is negative and down beat.

    Comfort and irreplacable serenity are found in living life responsibly and bonding with your creator.

    I truly love your expressions; your impeccable talent dazzles me frequently and inspires me regularly to read your vivid mental and emotional expressions.

    Keep it up :).

  6. >Wessam, here's the thing, I am dreaming, but don't know of what. IT's like I got no idea what I'm doing here on Earth and that's why I, at times, feel lost.

    >Menna, I have to disagree with you, confusion, for me, is one of the most torturing sensations ever.

    >Alex, I appreciate your comment. It made think of the whole thing in a new way. THank you :)

    >Nada, good for you! I hope you're gonna find what you are searching for.

    >Hazem, it's always good to have a supportive friend like you :)

  7. It seems I am always searching for some small piece of personal happiness, just as I seem to get close it eludes me and I am left wondering why and asking when will I ever find what I am searching for...there are too many questions and not enough answers. ♥

  8. What a pathwork, asking questions and growing into the unexpected....sometimes through what we call joys and deceptions...all are teachers with different faces.
    The wall, the windows, the key , the doors....are various parts of you.
    How the stars twinkle watching you play with what seems important to you now....

    Thankyou for this remind me that i will see the star through my window and thing of the warmth within my wall as the snow outside is beautiful but cold....
    Maha, you are walking toward a freedom that comes from the insides.

  9. I always see life as a great school that all its elements are great teachers in. But what if the lesson is so hard it can break you without reaching the point of it? I'll stay strong and know what this all meant to be.
    Thanks Craftman for stopping by.
    Hope to see when of your beautiful poems soon :)